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Plat Petite

small plates

Asparagus Bagna Coda 14

shallot, garlic, anchovie, caper, lemon, orange, spiced honey

Peas de Résistance 13

chickpea fries, spiced crispy chickpeas, hummus, black olive, harissa oil

Baba Ganoush 16

roasted eggplant puree, espelette pepper, grilled bread

Country Style Pork Pâté 15

shaved pistachio, whole grain mustard, grilled bread

Raw Oysters* 3.5 each

red wine mignonettes

Fromage Plate MP

assorted cheeses and accoutrements

Baguette with Butter 9

made by patisserie 46 / gf available

Steak Tartare* 19

raw hand cut beef, cornichon, capers, shallot, chives, egg yolk, and um, a wee bit of ketchup, grilled bread

Tian Provencale 15

baked eggplant, zucchini, tomato, onion, thyme, olive oil

La Salade 10

mixed greens, marinated tomatoes, radish, shallots

Beets Salad 14

whipped chevre cheese, avocado, golden beets, honeycomb

Alsatian Tarte Flambée 16

a french flatbread, fromage blanc, bacon, onion *vegetarian available with mushroom

Escargot 16

garlic butter, grilled bread

Crispy Potatoes 10

espelette aioli

Frites 10

with gherkin sauce

La Table De Famille

experience family recipes straight from chloe's aunties, grand mother and grand grand mothers.



Once upon a time

at Vincent a Restraunt

My French Onion Soup 16

gruyere cheese and croutons

Vincent Burger 21

Pulled rib, smoked gouda, ground beef, egg bun, vb sauce, frites

Beef Bourguignon 34

wine braised beef, mashed potatoes, mushroom, onions, bacon

Steak Frites* 29

top sirloin, bearnaise, frites. sub hanger steak +$10

Scallops (2) with Orange Sauce 34

leeks, fingerlings potatoes. Additional scallops 14/ea


of the moment

Plats principal / Main Course

Salmon 33

seared salmon, green bean, zucchini, radish, mustard soy beurre blanc

Croque Monsieur 18

bistro ham, gruyere cheese, mornay ssauce on challah pullman bread, served with frites

Chicken with Mustard Sauce 28

chicken breast, truffle fingerlings potatoes, asparagus, pink peppercorn

Mussels Mouclade 25

white wine, curry, cream, parsley, grilled bread

Rocky Burger 18

two 3oz burgers, swiss cheese, crisps, stewed onion, pickle, dijon mustard, mayo, truffle oil, frites

Niçoise Salade 28

seared ahi tuna, bell pepper, artichoke, cucumber, egg gel, tomato, cured black olive, bib lettuce, dijon vinaigrette

Seafood Pasta 24

a jumbo black tiger shrimp, fresh linguini, corn, uni butter, bottarga. an extra shrimp +$5.5

Parisian Gnocchi 16

asparagus, radish, cheese fondue, spiced pepitas

Fish and Frites 31

beer battered, french fries, truffle oil, petite salad, espelette aioli


Floating Island 12

creme anglaise, poached meringue, hazelnut nougatine

Vincent’s Childhood Favorites 12

and soon to be chloe's. vanilla ice cream, madeleines cookies. chocolate sauce

Chocolate Mousse 12

housemade chocolate mousse, cacao crisp, berry coulis, whipped cream

Creme Brûlée 12

ask your server for today's rotating flavor

Madeleine Cookies 6

twelve little cakes

Sebastian Joe’s Vanilla Ice Cream Bowl 6

Sorbet a la Sebatian Joe’s 6

flavor of the moment

Whipped Cream Bowl 2.50

Kids Menu

American School Cafeteria

Chicken Tenders

breaded chicken, french fries, and ketchup


bun, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion

French School Cafeteria


2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with 2 madeleines

Single Scallop

leeks, fingerling potatoes, orange sauce. v

Beef Bourguignon

braised beef, mashed potatoes, bacon, onion, mushrooms. gf

Beet Salad

lemon, curry, creme fraiche. v, gf.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
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